We Humbly Welcome You to Our Company


Loft Roasters is nothing without YOU. You give us the ability to carry forward and pursue our God-given passions. Community is at the deepest roots and beginnings of our being. Tears, Joy, Frustration, and Reconciliation have been shared in our personal and professional communities.


Loft Roasters’ original start began as a means to an end for meeting new people. The original founder, Joel Smith, had spent time in Portland, Oregon and came home with a drive to educate himself in the industry of coffee. So what did he do? He went out and invested in a small home-roaster to practice and learn the craft of coffee roasting. Soon after, he began selling to friends. It became a great conversational piece. As the roasting continued, two more individuals came into the picture. Ryan Luig and Mason Wilson.

Bonding Over Coffee:

These three soon began sharing cups of coffee together in a downtown Loft in Wichita Falls, Tx. As these hangouts went on Ryan and Mason began picking up the skill of roasting and brewing for themselves. Talks of how they could use coffee to positively add value to other’s lives went from just dreams to steps taken in those directions.

Member Down:

Right when everything looked like it was about to take off, Joel left to teach English in China. For the next two and half years Joel was in another country learning about himself and adapting to another culture. During this time Ryan and Mason dedicated themselves to carrying the company along the best they knew how.

New Horizons:

In the second year of Joel’s absence, Joel was tipped off to an opportunity to be an intern at a coffee company, Torch Coffee, in Pu’er, China. After sharing this with Ryan and Mason, Mason’s interest in pursuing international training in the coffee industry grew. Soon, Joel and Mason decided that they would be heading to Pu’er together.

Two Members Down:

Then there was one. Ryan held down the fort in Wichita Falls for one whole year as Joel and Mason worked to gain the qualifications, training, and experience needed to pull the company in a new direction. Most of the credit of keeping Loft Roasters afloat during these turbulent three years can easily be attributed to Ryan.

Return to Home:

Then, just like that, Mason returned to America. The same person, but not quite the same as before. Joel chose to continue on his training and work at Torch Coffee as an Educator, Manager, and many other hats. Mason came back and desired to bring all the knowledge and skills he had been practicing for the last year.

The Future:

Joel, Ryan, and Mason want to see North Texas’ coffee scene become an innovative area for coffee. These three believe that Wichita Falls holds a key in a plan set in motion long ago. Our passions for people and coffee run deep, not easily put into words.


Loft Roasters seeks to add value to people, so that they can go out and grow thriving, vibrant, and sustainable communities. This is our driver. Coffee is great and we believe that a high-quality product is very important. However, we never want to get past the importance of people. We desire to be hospitable leaders in our communities.