3 Reasons You Should Brew Coffee at Home

It Saves You Money
Getting a coffee maker (pour over or pot), then purchasing a pound of coffee actually over time saves you money. Think about how often you purchase from a coffee shop. You're okay with getting a $4-5 beverage every time, but you see the bags of coffee on the shelves and think, "$16 dollars?! That's way too expensive!" Over time, you're actually spending much more on the coffee from the shop rather than just getting that pound and brewing it at home. 

It Slows You Down
At first, you might read this and think, "Well that sounds counter-intuitive..." Yes. Yes, it does. That's the point. During our day to day busyness, how often do we actually center ourselves and take time to be still? During the "ritual" of making coffee at home, there is time to be silent and think, pray, or orient your mind for the day. 

As anyone who has worked in the service industry knows, people have their preferences. Some people really don't like sour cream and some really enjoy it. The same goes for coffee. So, if you're someone who doesn't like a super strong/highly extracted coffee, then at home you have the freedom to do it how you like it. You're also free to choose what beans you'd like to try, change the grind size, change the brew method, or any other simple edits to your "ritual." 

Brewing coffee at home brings comfort, saving money, and experimenting all into one process. This is for anyone, from people who still have a Mr. Coffee Pot from the 90's all the way to the individuals who keep a Chemex on hand anywhere they go. 

We choose to brew at home, will you join us?