Thank you to all those who have supported and purchased from Loft Roasters. We have decided to cease operations of Loft Roasters

and will be moving forward with another opportunity that has presented itself. More information coming soon!



The idea spawned from the loft of a local downtown living area. We realized after roasting and drinking coffee on the roof with many friends, family, and strangers that this is what we wanted to do with our lives. Little did we know where it would send us.

After working alongside farmers and other coffee industry workers at origin in China, we knew that we also wanted to join the other companies that already support a growing and livable wage for farmers. From these experiences, we want to help people be able to experience different cultures, ideas, and people in an interactive and authentic way.

We desire to do more than just make the best coffee products around. We want to see people come together to slow down their lives and have real and meaningful conversations.

super fresh beans + awesome people behind the business. highly recommend!
— Taryn R.